2004 Texas State Quarters


2004 Texas State Quarters
Available in Brilliant Uncirculated and Mint State Condition P and D Mints.
GEM Clad and Silver S Mint Proofs
Packaged in 2 by 2 Archival Flip
28th State Quarter Issued by U.S. Mint


2004 Texas State Quarters
Obverse Side
The obverse will continue to bear the familiar restored 1932 John Flannagan image of George Washington.
Reverse Side
The Reverse side encircled by a rope-themed design, incorporates an outline of the state with a star superimposed inside the outline with the inscription The Lone Star State. In 1519, Spanish explorer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda was the first European to visit Texas. Myths of the golden Seven Cities of Cibola brought many Spaniards from Mexico into Texas. Although these cites were never found, Spain made claims on and began settling the region now known as Texas. Over the next few years, the French began moving into the area as well. Though initially part of Mexico, settlers rebelled and declared their independence. At the Battle of San Jacinto on March 2, 1836, Texas triumphed. After nine years as a sovereign republic, Texas entered the Union. The state’s nickname, the Lone Star State, refers to the state flag. It displays a single, five-point white star on a field of blue with an upper white horizontal stripe and a lower red horizontal stripe. Texas is the only state to have had the flags of six different nations fly over it: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States, and the United States.

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Type Quarter

BU, Proof

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P Mint, D Mint, P & D Mint, S Mint Clad Proof, S Mint Silver Proof