2010 U.S. Mint Set 28 Coins


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2010 U.S. Mint Set 28 Coins 2010 U.S. Mint Set contains Two Folders of 14 Coins each,
One Folder with 14 Coins from the Denver Mint
and the other Folder with 14 Coins from the Philadelphia Mint
for a total of 28 coins.
Satin Finish Coins are ONLY in U.S. Mint Sets.
Satin Finish Coins was started by the U.S. Mint in 2005.

The coins included in this set are:

(5) National Park Quarters Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas,
Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Yosemite National Park in California,
Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, and Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon
(4) Presidential Dollars Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce,
James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln
(1) Sacagawea Native American Dollar with a reverse design of Great Law Of Peace
(1) Kennedy Half Dollar
(1) Roosevelt Dime
(1) Jefferson Nickel
(1) Lincoln Cent