2007 P & D Position A & B FDI $1 Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollar 4 Coin Set PCGS MS 65 Presidential Label Holders


Key Points
Holders have Presidential Labels
Certified Presidential Dollars
4 Coin Set PCGS MS 65
2007 P & D Position A & B FDI Thomas Jefferson Presidential Dollars
Graded by Professional Coin Grading Service
3rd Presidential Dollar Issued by U.S. Mint
for the Presidential Dollar Coin Program

Coin Serial Number will Vary on the Coin you will receive

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Thomas Jefferson Presidential $1 Coin — Third President, 1801-1809
Sometimes referred to as the “silent member” of the Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson spoke volumes with his pen. He drafted the Declaration of Independence at the age of 33, and later succeeded Benjamin Franklin as America’s foreign minister to France.
During his first term as President, Thomas Jefferson virtually doubled the size of the United States when his Administration successfully completed the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and commissioned the Lewis & Clark Expedition to explore the new territory. The United States Mint’s recent Westward Journey Nickel Series marked the bicentennial of these important events.
At the end of his Presidency, Jefferson retired to Monticello, where he worked to establish the University of Virginia in nearby Charlottesville. In March 1825, the school opened to serve its first 123 students.