2006 S 25C Clad Proof South Dakota SD State Quarter


Key Points
Clad Proof State Quarter
2006 S Clad Proof South Dakota SD Quarter
Package in 2 by 2 Archival Safe Flip
40th State Quarter Issued by U.S. Mint of the 50 State Quarter Program

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The Reverse side features an image of the State bird, a Chinese ring-necked pheasant, in flight above a depiction of the Mount Rushmore National Monument. Mount Rushmore National Monument featuring the faces of four American Presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The design is bordered by heads of wheat. The coin’s design also bears the inscriptions South Dakota and 1889. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum began drilling into Mount Rushmore, the 5,725-foot peak rising above Harney National Forest, in 1927. Creation of the Shrine of Democracy took 14 years and cost approximately $1 million, though it is now deemed priceless.

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