1999 S 25C Silver Proof Delaware DE State Quarter


Key Points
Silver Proof State Quarter
1999 S Silver Proof Delaware DE Quarter
90% Silver, Coin Silver
Package in 2 by 2 Archival Safe Flip
1st State Quarter Issued by U.S. Mint of the 50 State Quarter Program

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Reverse side celebrates Caesar Rodney’s historic horseback ride in 1776.
Caesar Rodney was a delegate to the Continental Congress. On July 1, 1776, despite suffering from asthma and cancer, Rodney set off on the 80-mile journey to Philadelphia withstanding thundershowers and a severe summer heat wave. The next day, he arrived at Independence Hall just in time to cast the deciding vote in favor of our nation’s independence. This native of Dover has also held more public offices than any other Delaware citizen. In addition to being an extremely dedicated delegate, Rodney was also a soldier, judge, and speaker of Delaware’s Assembly.