1999 S 25C Clad Proof New Jersey NJ State Quarter


Key Points
Clad Proof State Quarter
1999 S Clad Proof New Jersey NJ Quarter
Package in 2 by 2 Archival Safe Flip
3rd State Quarter Issued by U.S. Mint of the 50 State Quarter Program

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Reverse side features General George Washington crossing the Delaware River
It was a cold Christmas night in 1776 and the Delaware River
was frozen in many places. General George Washington
calculated the enemy would not be expecting an assault in this
kind of weather. He and his soldiers courageously crossed the
Delaware River into Trenton, NJ. Using surprise as their
greatest weapon, Washington’s army captured over 900
prisoners and secured the town. Later that night, his army
continued towards Princeton, NJ, again taking the enemy by
surprise. These two victories proved very important to his army
as they gave the soldiers courage, hope, and newfound

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